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Best Kayak for Camping

A soon as you pull up on the lakefront, you get to feel the wind on your face and hear the sounds of the rolling waves breaking on the shores as you enjoy the breathtaking view.

Surreal as this might sound, it’s not a figment of your imagination. A growing body of scientific information confirms this to be true. Spending some time by the blue environment has considerable mental and health benefits on people of all ages. It promotes general fitness in addition to helping reduce stress hormones and slow down your heart rate.


Best Tandem Kayak for Top Kayaking Experience

Kayaking is one of the most versatile water sports, but it is simply no fun to go kayaking without a partner. While tandem kayaking is more challenging than solo kayaking, it is the challenge that makes the sport more intense and collaborative. If you want to go on a fun kayaking trip with a trusted partner, […]


Vibe Kayak Yellowfin 100 Review

We all have hobbies. Some love arts like painting, singing, and dancing. Others love reading and watching movies, while there those who love nature and go hiking, trekking, and climbing mountains. And there are those who love water activities. If we say water sport, the first thing that comes to mind is swimming, but today, there […]


Best Kayak for Fishing: Top Three Options

Kayaking is one of the world’s best pleasures. It gives you the freedom and mobility to explore various water bodies in peace with absolutely no limitations to where you can go. The best kayak for fishing is the only solution if you want to enjoy the calm water while not toppling over and ruining your […]


Naviskin Kayak Paddle Review

Kayaking is fun, but you need to get accessories and equipment that suit your needs. Check out one popular paddle option here, the Naviskin Kayak Paddle.


Bestway HydroForce SUP and Kayak Review

Stand-up paddleboarding or SUP is basically combined surfing and kayaking. It is like surfing in the sense that you are on a board surfing the waves, but it is also like kayaking because you are using a paddle to maneuver the board. SUP is a water activity that has many variations. There’s paddleboard surfing, yoga, […]