Vibe Kayak Yellowfin 100 Review

Vibe Kayak Yellowfin 100 Review

We all have hobbies. Some love arts like painting, singing, and dancing. Others love reading and watching movies, while there those who love nature and go hiking, trekking, and climbing mountains. And there are those who love water activities.

If we say water sport, the first thing that comes to mind is swimming, but today, there are a lot of water sports and activities we can try like kayaking. If you're into kayaking or want to venture on it, we will try to check out a kayak which you can use.

Vibe Kayak Yellowfin 100

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The VIBE is a company that provides water activity and outdoor equipment and accessories like kayaks, paddle boards, trailers, fishing accessories, coolers, and more. They also offer other items from well-known brands which also focus on outdoor equipment.

The company has been in the business since 2013. Two persons with very different personalities who both love the waters and the outdoors founded the VIBE Company. Today, they have a team of 20 individuals who take care of every aspect of the company and concerns of their customers.

If you are one of those who are passionate about water, nature, and the outdoors, this brand is for you. Also, if you are looking for products that look good on the outside but also packed with a lot of features, this brand is a perfect choice.

Aside from looking good, their products come at an affordable price. You can’t resist buying one of their items with that combination. Among their proud creations is the Vibe Kayak Yellowfin 100.


A kayak is a water vessel which looks like a small boat with one or two cockpits, with each cockpit occupied by a paddler. The traditional kayak does not have any motor attached to it, and you move it by propelling with the help of a double-bladed paddle or oar.

For it to work as it should, it must possess a set of features. The Vibe Kayak Yellowfin 100 boasts the following:

  • Intelligent Design

This kayak model has the VIBE Hero Seat, which ensures support and comfort even if you are out in the water for a long time. It also has four of the Vibe Phantom carrying handles. Likewise, it has a built-in cup holder and foot braces which are adjustable for your comfort.

The Vibe Kayak Yellowfin 100 has four flush mount fishing rod holders, two combined top-load gear tracks, a couple of bungee paddle parks on the sides, and a rectangular mount for base accessories.

  • Cargo

The Vibe Kayak Yellowfin 100 has two eight-inch deck plates which come with waterproof cargo bags, a storage area at the back with bungee tie down, a couple of tackle tray holders, and a tackle toss tray for quick tackle changes.

  • Overall Strong Build

The Yellowfin 100 is a sit-on-top, single-person fishing kayak made of high-density polyethylene. It is lightweight at 57 pounds but also very stable.

It is 10 feet long with a width of 32 inches which you can maneuver easily. It comes with a Vibe Journey paddle and can carry a person up to 375 pounds of weight.


  • Comfortable
  • Easier to move by hand
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • Sturdy built
  • Lightweight


  • Cannot be stored in direct sunlight
  • Tight straps can distort the shape


The Yellowfin 100 kayak is part of the Yellowfin series by Vibe and it comes in four different colors. Included upon purchase is the double-bladed Vibe Journey paddle which is also available in four color choices. With its signature Vibe Hero seat and the adjustable foot braces, you will be sure of comfort and support while on the water even for long periods.

The Vibe Kayak Yellowfin 100 is packed with additional accessories like deck plates, waterproof cargo bags, tackle tray holders, and tackle toss tray. It also has a big storage area at the back and a slip-resistant deck. The Yellowfin 100 is also available at an affordable price.

Comparison with Another Product

This time, we will compare the Vibe Kayak Yellowfin 100 with another product from a different brand. This way, you'll have a better buying decision.

Let’s take a closer look at what it can offer. Will it be better than the kayak from Vibe? Is it loaded with the same features as the previous one?

The kayak that we will be comparing it with comes from the Brooklyn Kayak Company. It is known for offering sturdy kayaks at an affordable price. We are going to check the kayak model UH-FK184

Brooklyn Kayak Company UH-FK184

The FK184 is a single-person, sit-on-top fishing kayak much like the Vibe Kayak Yellowfin 100. The kayak is nine feet long, weighs 44 pounds, and has a load capacity of 330 pounds.

It is shorter in length and more lightweight than the Yellowfin 100.  The weight and length is the company’s way of ensuring balance and stability for their kayak.

There are two waterproof hatches in the FK184 for ample storage where you can put essential items and feel confident that it will not get wet. It has five fishing rod holders compared to the four from Yellowfin 100. There is also enough room for the solo paddler to be comfortable while fishing.

The FK184 comes with a comfortable seat which will support your back, as well as an aluminum lightweight paddle. It is priced lower than the Yellowfin 100, and it comes in six different colors.

What’s good about the FK184 kayak is the built-in paddle parks, which allow you to free your hand and do something else without losing your paddle. It also features four carrying handles, which make it easy to move or transport.


We have now checked two kayaks from two different manufacturers. We have compared everything from the features, the build, and most especially, the price.

Based on the information that we have, the FK184 will be a better choice if you are just a beginner in kayaking, as well as if you don't mind upgrading to a modern kayak. With that in mind, the Vibe Kayak Yellowfin 100 is suited for both beginners and experienced individuals. Thus, it offers great value for money, especially since it will last a long time.