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If you are just getting into wakeboarding, this product may be perfect for you. Designed specifically for beginners, you will find it much easier to learn on this board. More so, the added stability makes the product ideal for riders who weigh less than 125 pounds.


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The RAVE Sports Impact Wakeboard is much easier to control when compared to competitor products. It is also made out of high-quality materials, meaning that you will get plenty of use out of the purchase. This board also has foam inserts, providing you with added buoyancy.

RAVE Sports Impact Wakeboard Review

RAVE Sports Impact Wakeboard Review 1

The RAVE Sports Impact wakeboard is a relatively new product that has been specifically designed for beginners. As we have already mentioned, the product provides the rider with additional stability, making it much easier to use and control. On top of this, there are foam inserts added to the board, providing extra buoyancy.

This board is ideal for riders who weigh 125 pounds or less. The board is also very lightweight, making it easy to transport. Known for its flexibility and durability, you simply cannot go wrong with this option if you are an amateur wakeboarder.

Featuring removable fins and adjustable boots, you will find that this board can be personalized according to your size and stance. The reinforced edges also provide extra durability.

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Who Is This Product For?

As we have already discussed, this wakeboard is specifically designed for riders who weigh 125 pounds or less. In other words, it can be used by smaller adults or children. However, if you weigh above this limit and decide to use the board, you will find it much harder to control and handle.

More so, if you are an experienced or professional wakeboarder, you will find that this board might offer too much stability and buoyancy. As the product is specifically designed for beginners, it has unique features added in order to make it easier to control and ride. For this reason, it is only recommended to amateur riders.

What Is Included?

Upon purchase of this product, you will receive a few additional components along with the board itself. For example, removable fins and adjustable boots are included in the package. On top of this, you will also receive board bindings.

Overview Of Features

If you are a beginner wakeboarder, this product may be exactly what you are looking for. Released in 2021, this option includes a number of anticipated features that make it one of the best amateur boards on the market.

For starters, the forgiving board features continuous rockers. In other words, you will notice additional stability and predictability while riding. This makes it much easier to control and handle, even in bigger waves.

This board is 122 cm in length and is ideal for riders who weigh 125 pounds or less. It is also constructed out of top-quality materials, meaning that you will get plenty of years of use out of the purchase.

Built with reinforced edges, the foam core will be well protected during your adventures. More so, the impact-resistant sides provide extra durability.

As we have discussed, the product comes with removable fins and adjustable boots. This allows you to alter the board according to your size and stance. The fact that the fins can be removed also makes transportation of the board that much easier.

How It Is Used

This wakeboard is very easy to use, making it perfect for beginner riders. The lace-up bindings of the adjustable boots make it easy to simply slide your foot into place. In addition, the bindings attach to the board with mounting screws, making it easy to slide the boot forward according to your stance.

It is important that your weight is dispersed evenly in the center of the board. If you lean too far forward, the front will dip into the water and cause you to fall forwards. Conversely, if you lean too far back, you will not get much speed and experience plenty of drag.


  • Made out of top quality materials
  • Durable, flexible, and lightweight
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Adjustable boots and removable fins
  • Very easy to use, no matter the experience level


  • Can only be used by riders who weigh 125 pounds or less
  • Not ideal for experienced riders


Even though this RAVE Sports wakeboard is a great option, there are plenty of other products for you to consider.

Liquid Force Dream Wakeboard

We have to say that the Liquid Force Dream Wakeboard is another one of our favorite sand is a best-seller that can be used by beginner or amateur riders.

While this board is pricier than the RAVE Sports option, it does include a sharper edge for larger wakes. The board is also lightweight, making it very easy to transport.

This option features molded-in quad fins with a removable center fin. It is also designed for all 6-inch bindings.

You will be able to choose from a 120 cm and 125 cm option, depending on your size and stance. The shorter product has a weight capacity of 85 pounds, while the longer version can support up to 190 pounds.


There are plenty of great beginner wakeboards out there for you to choose from. The RAVE Sports Impact is one of these examples. Made from top-quality materials, you will get plenty of use out of the purchase. More so, the product is designed with added stability and durability, making it perfect for amateur riders.