Paddleboard vs Kayak: Which Is Better?

Paddleboard vs Kayak: Which Is Better?

Welcome to the battle of the paddleboard vs kayak! Are you team paddleboard? Or team kayak? Whichever team you belong, one cannot deny that these two water sports activities are both fun and stimulating, but which one is really better?

If you look at it, they are similar in a lot of ways. They both need a paddle, and they both zero in on balance and stability. So if you just can choose one, which one will it be?

That is precisely what we are going to talk about today. We are going to discuss what these two water sports activities are. We are also going to compare them based on a lot of factors.

Are you ready to dive in our paddleboard and kayak discussion? Then, read on!

What Is a Paddleboard?

This is commonly known as stand up paddleboards or SUPs, which are basically surf-style boards. The difference is that instead of catching waves to ride it and only using your hands, you use a paddle.

In turn, this paddle can help you move forward and to stand on the board. There are a lot of designs, shapes, and styles to choose from but a lot of people gravitate towards the inflatable ones.

That is because it is straightforward to set up, while at the same time it is also easy to store away. What is also so unique about paddleboards is that they are multifunctional. You cannot only use them in water, but you can also use them for racing, surfing, yoga, and other recreational uses.

What Is a Kayak?

On the other hand, kayaking is more of a traditional water sport. It makes use of a paddle that is double sided and a small boat.

You also have to sit inside of it to properly maneuver it. Just like a paddleboard, there are also inflatable ones.

However, professionals tend to steer away from inflatables because they are not that durable compared to a kayak that is made of leather and other skins. In terms of the activity itself, they are often used for rapid movements. That makes it ideal to be used for racing, fishing, whitewater rapids, and other recreational uses.

Paddleboard vs Kayak: What Are the Differences?

Let us now compare and contrast the paddleboard and the kayak based on five factors: maneuverability, stability, portability, durability, and storage capacity. In this way, you can easily see which one you can do better.

1. Maneuverability

  • Paddleboard

It is very easy to maneuver a paddleboard, just as long as you can stay upright on it. However, since paddle boarding is really not that strict in terms of the position you have to be in, you can also move it while sitting on it or laying on it.

In terms of the paddleboard mimicking your every movement, it can be a bit restrictive because it was not made to be like that. Still, there are designs, the lightweight ones that can really be in tune with your every movement.

  • Kayak

This is where you can really be one with your water sports equipment. It is also effortless to maneuver, probably a bit easier than the paddleboard. This can mimic your every move, but at the same time, there are certain limitations to your movement because you do not have much sitting space.

2. Stability

  • Paddleboard

Just like what we mentioned earlier, you have to stand up on it, so it takes a lot of upper body and lower body strength to have stability. On that note, there is also a higher chance of falling because when you are standing, the center of gravity is a bit far. Also, this cannot go well with choppy water.

  • Kayak

You have better stability with a kayak because you are sitting; hence, the center of gravity is closer. You can still tip over, but the chances of that happening are higher in a paddleboard. It is safe to say that you will not be unstable for the rest of your activity when you choose a kayak.

3. Portability

  • Paddleboard

In terms of size, paddleboards come in from eight feet to almost over 12 feet. Some of them, you can carry with the use of a handle.

As for the inflatable ones, you can deflate them completely and store in a backpack. Additionally, paddleboards are lighter than kayaks because you can just carry them with only one hand or even above your head.

  • Kayak

These are heavier than paddleboards, and they are not built in pieces. They have a shell and a covering. As for their measure, they are from nine feet to 14 feet.

Also, they can be a bit difficult to carry on a vehicle. Nonetheless, there are inflatable ones which are a bit light.

4. Durability

  • Paddleboard

Some paddleboards have fins, and they can get easily get snagged when you are in shallow bodies of water. As for the construction, they are usually made of flimsier material. Therefore, they are more susceptible to damage.

  • Kayak

As we have discussed earlier, they were made for tougher water sports activities, so they were built to be durable. No amount of hitting rocks and other sharp objects can break a kayak. The reason is that they are usually made of composite materials which have a lot of strength.

5. Storage Capacity

  • Paddleboard

Paddleboards really just require little to no storage. Most of them already come with backpacks, and the paddle can also be put inside one bag. But for the non-inflatable ones, you just have to make room for the board.

  • Kayak

What is great about kayaks is that they usually come with waterproof gear storage. You can also put them in the right place because there are certain holes in the kayak attached to the boat hull. On the other hand, when it is not in use, you really have to devote a space for it.

Final Verdict

So what is the result of the paddleboard vs kayak comparison? There is really no better equipment. It just depends on your preferences and lifestyle.

Just keep in mind that if you want a chill activity, it is better to go with paddle boarding. If you are the adventurous type, then you might appreciate kayaking more. Overall, both of them can really help with fitness and can make water sports interesting.