Best Stand Up Paddle Boards: Inflatables You Can Trust

Best Stand Up Paddle Boards: Inflatables You Can Trust

Does the best stand up paddle board help you get more out of your water sports experience? Come to think of it, is there really something special with stand up paddle boards?

When you see them being used, it is as if they are just made the same. Therefore, if you want to purchase one, you can just buy the first stand up paddle board that you come across, right?

However, that is not the case. Just like any boards for water sports and activities, you have to choose wisely. If you have a good stand up paddle board, it can enhance your ability to balance on top of it.

At the same time, the design is vital for the board to break through the pressure of the water. Would you like to try your hand at stand up paddle boarding? Keep on reading to find out our top picks!

Best Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews

We are going to take a look at three different stand-up paddle boards. In order to find the best one, we are going to take a closer look at their key features as well as the pros and cons of using them. In this way, it will be easier to compare and contrast each product.

1. Retrospec Weekender Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

Best Stand Up Paddle Boards: Inflatables You Can Trust 1

We are starting off with a unique stand-up, inflatable paddleboard. It is made of PVC that is military grade, and it also has drop stitch technology so that the paddle board is virtually unbreakable.

When this is inflated fully, its measurements are 10 x 30 x 6 inches, and when deflated it is only 11 x 36 inches. As such, it is very easy to put away, and you do not have to store it anywhere because it comes with a storage bag. You also do not have to purchase a separate pump because it already comes with one.

As for the deck pad, it is lined with foam that is textured so that you are comfortable while using it. Also, the texture can help with your stability when standing on it. It also has four stainless steel D-rings at the front.

They also come with bungee cords, so you can keep all of your equipment secure and safe while you are using it. An adjustable paddle is also provided. It can collapse to only three inches, and its maximum length is eight inches.

Lastly, with this one, you do not have to worry about scratching, denting, and even popping because of its method inserts that are approximately 100 threads for every square inch.


  • High-quality construction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Helps with stability
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Comes with everything you need


  • Problematic fin design
  • Glued pieces easily pull apart
  • Flimsy accessories
  • Does not have a repair kit
  • The pump can be a bit hard to push

2. FunWater Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Best Stand Up Paddle Boards: Inflatables You Can Trust 2

This one is yet another inflatable paddleboard which is made of a lot of PVC layers and has board rails. When it is inflated, it becomes rigid that you might feel like you are riding a hardboard. Nonetheless, deflating it is not much of a hassle, allowing you to fold and then store it in the backpack that comes with your purchase.

You also do not have to worry that it will not hold against the pressure of the water because its dual layers are military grade and are double stitched. The deck pad is also integrated with a soft EVA material. What is so great about it is that it can be used by people with different levels of knowledge in paddle boarding, so you can bring your children and pets with you.

The proportion and length of the paddleboard are also great to be used for fitness, cruising, exploring, and fishing. In terms of the bodies of water that it can tackle, it can be used on lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans.

It comes with a three-piece, adjustable paddle, as well as a pump, three removable fins, a repair kit, and a waterproof phone case. Lastly, it is wear proof and has properties that can repel scraping.


  • Easy to set up, deflate, and store
  • Has everything you need
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Firm and durable
  • High weight capacity (330 pounds)
  • 30-day return policy
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • One-year warranty (materials)


  • Can leak by the seams
  • Divets in the foam
  • Flimsy pump
  • The bag can easily stain
  • The valve can leak

3. PEAK Paddle Boards Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Best Stand Up Paddle Boards: Inflatables You Can Trust 3

The last stand up paddle board that we are going to discuss was explicitly made for Pilates, yoga, and any other workouts that you can do on the water. With its wide pad, it can accommodate any workout routine that is static.

It comes with an aluminum travel paddle that has three pieces, a backpack, a high-pressure pump, a removable fin, a coin leash, and a waterproof phone case.

It is crafted with PVC that is military grade, and it also has a material that is drop stitched. Thus, what you end up with is such a stiff but light paddle board.

As for its thickness, it is six inches, so it can help with stability. There is also a non-slip grip so that you can have a steadier ride.

The paddleboard can fit another person, a pet, or even a cooler. Additionally, it has a bungee system at the front so that you can attach your gear to it while you are using it. It can also be rolled up to a compact size which makes it easier for you to travel with it.

Also, if you have an electric pump, it only takes five to seven minutes to inflate it fully. Nonetheless, if you are going to use a manual pump, it will take about 10 minutes.


  • Easy to set up, store, pack, and use
  • Helps with stability
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Looks nice
  • 30-day return policy
  • One-year warranty (materials)


  • White seam discoloration

Our Top Pick

The best stand up paddle board is the PEAK Paddle Boards Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. We chose this one as it has a minor drawback, so you will not be disappointed when you use this. It is also very versatile since you can use it both on land and water.

Definitely, this is a paddleboard that you can depend on during your outdoor adventures!