Morey Cruiser 42.5” Bodyboard w/ Coiled Leash Review

Morey Cruiser 42.5” Bodyboard w/ Coiled Leash Review

Bodyboards need to be chosen depending on your skills and wave preference. However, what if you need a board that your other family members can also use which will fit their skill level?

Fortunately, the guys from Morey made a bodyboard just for that, the Morey Cruiser 42.5” Bodyboard.

Morey Cruiser 42.5” Bodyboard w/ Coiled Leash Review 1


Hoping to avoid having to buy a bodyboard for every member of the family? This board from Morey will help you with your dilemma. This bodyboard comes with everything you need in a bodyboard and takes into consideration the skill level of every user in question.

Check out the features of the Morey Cruiser 42.5” Bodyboard w/ Coiled Leash in this list below:

  • This board measures 42.5” and it is perfect for both beginners and advanced riders
  • The top skin is made with 8 lbs. of IXL material, which guarantees fluid motion from the board and the same IXL is placed on the rails for better grip
  • The skids are covered with 25mm HDPE material for added protection and flexibility
  • The tail of this board is crescent shaped for added speed
  • Users also get a wrist leash for their boards with the purchase
  • This board comes in four different colors: blue, yellow, orange and assorted

A flexible bodyboard like Morey Cruiser 42.5″ Body Board sounds like a dream, especially if you are strapped for cash and you wish to share the board with your loved ones. However, before buying it, it is important to learn more about the board on its performance when used. To find out more about this board, check the reviews below.


For a very affordable board, this board may surprise users who would buy this bodyboard due to the qualities it possesses. In terms of its size and shape, this board is good for large users and it is quite wide, providing great weight distribution.

This board can take on any level of a beating thanks to the materials used for this board’s deck and slicks. It is also quite rigid, which makes it a perfect bodyboard for harsh waves, perfect for more advanced users.

The color is also quite solid, which will help in locating the board when you wipe out. It is also not very hard on the eyes, which is a big plus for users who do not want a very vibrant board.

Children will also love this board because it is light enough to carry comfortably and wide enough for their use. The wrist leash is a plus for those who are concerned about the board getting lost when they wipe out.


Unfortunately, there are some things you need to know about this board before purchasing it. The first problem users may encounter with this board is the fact the skin or the membrane used for this board tends to unstick easily, especially when left under the sun.

As a result, the membrane loses form and influences the quality of the ride. Considering the price of this board, it is crucial that users are careful when using it because there is a possibility it may break in half due to the strength of the wave being ridden and the beating it may receive during the ride.

It is also unadvised to put something on top of the board when not in use because indents are easily made in this board. It also does not have a railing that would provide the board with better strength and durability.

It is also slightly stiffer than the previous models, which may influence the ride of users who wish a less stiff board. Users will also not be able to choose the color of the board upon purchase, which may be tricky if you have a specific color preference in mind.

Bottom line

Buying several bodyboards for the family can be very costly, especially if there will be instances only one or two would go for the plunge and they have different skill sets. Getting a multi-purpose and flexible bodyboard such as the Morey Cruiser 42.5” Bodyboard will help the entire family enjoy the waves without the hassle of changing boards, especially as they move to another level.