California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard (44-Inches) Review

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Bodyboards are becoming a rave up and down the coasts, especially now that it allows people of all ages and sizes ride the waves. However, if you need extra control and comfort when you ride waves, which bodyboard offers these capabilities at an affordable price?

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem and it is the California Board Company MMAG 44-inches Bodyboard.

California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard (44-Inches) Review 1


Hoping to head to the waves and want to ride in comfort? This board from the California Board Company can be your best friend. Every part of this board takes into consideration every user’s need for control and comfort without making it too expensive.

Here are the features of the California Board Company MMAG 44-Inches Bodyboard that you should check out:

  • The deck of this bodyboard has a molded contour that adds extra comfort for users
  • This board comes with arm wells to ensure a locked-in fit for any user
  • Thumb bulbs are installed in the board to add to the control capabilities of this board
  • This comes with a waterproof EPS core for added buoyancy
  • Speed is a feature of this board thanks to the high-density polyethylene slick and the extra channels located in the bottom of the board
  • This board has a crescent tail to provide both comfort and control
  • This board comes with a dual swivel pro-style coil wrist leash to ensure your board doesn’t fly off anywhere if you wipe out
  • Users can select from various colors for their boards

The California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard sounds like the perfect bodyboard for your next trip to the beach. However, it is important to determine how well it performs on the waves and if it is worth every cent. Check out the pros and cons of this bodyboard below:


For tall adults, this is the perfect bodyboard to buy as it is both wide and tall enough to accommodate taller users. It is also very wide to ride on, providing extra coverage to users and easier weight distribution, which is perfect for large users.

The board also provides greater buoyancy, which will be perfect for higher waves and faster rides. It also looks great because the colors used for the board are vibrant and the finish is very clean. Since the colors are vibrant, it will not be difficult to locate the board after wipeout.

The board is also made from very durable material, ensuring users that it will not easily get damaged, regardless of the quality of the wave. Users no longer have to worry about losing this board often after wiping out because the leash on the board is made with excellent materials and it will not slip off the user’s wrist in heavy waves.

Users will also love the fact the leash can be adjusted depending on the user’s preference simply by removing the plug from the bottom and adjusting the rope. The price is also very good considering it has everything a bodyboarder would need for their ride and the board is very solid.


Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks when it comes to this bodyboard that users must be aware of. First of all, it is important to be careful when removing the leash from the board upon receiving because it is taped on the board in three different places.

If it is not removed properly, there is a tendency for parts of the board will be removed from their place, which can damage it. Another point to take into account is the quality of the material used for the slicks of the board because it is slightly thinner than those used in expensive brands.

As a result, it may affect the durability of the board and influence the speed of the ride. Since this is a large board, it is not recommended for children or those who are lighter weight to use since they will not be able to control the board properly.

Bottom line

When riding the waves, it is important that your board will help you stay comfortable throughout the ride and provide the control you need once you catch your wave. With the California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard, you are guaranteed both comfort and control.