Zray Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Zray Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Have you ever heard of a universal paddleboard? This is the type of paddleboard that you can use for different purposes. It is great to have one because this can be used by anyone who has varying levels of paddleboard knowledge and skill.

The next question is, "Is it really possible to have a paddleboard that can be used in this way?" The Zray Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board claims to do so. That is why we are going to review it and find out if it is truly universal.

We are going to take a closer look at its notable features, and we are also going to give you the list of the pros and cons of using it. Are you skeptical about what this board can do for you? Then keep on reading to find out if it is worth buying!

Zray Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

First off, Zray is a brand that is widely respected for providing world-class innovative products in the world of water sports. As such, one should expect that the paddle board is of excellent quality.

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In line with that, this paddleboard is unique in a sense because it comes with one removable seat. Thus, you can lounge around on this paddleboard if you do not feel like standing on it anymore.

It also has four D rings which you can use to attach the seat or if you want to anchor a leash. As for its board, it was made to be used in heavy duty applications.

The board also has UAL technology that makes it possible to maintain its rigidity but also still be very light. The seams are also reinforced with drop stitches.

Additionally, it can be easily inflated because it has a pump connection that is upgraded. Meaning, you can simply twist its air plug so that you can secure it tightly. This is great so that it will not pop off when you are pumping air into it.

It also has bungee straps that are elastic and can be adjusted. You can use these straps to attach other equipment that you need. As for its universal features, take a look at the specifications below.


Universal SUP Board

  • Weight capacity: 264 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.9 x 30 x 6 inches


  • Weight capacity: 264 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10 x 30 x 6 inches


  • Weight capacity: 330 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11 x 32 x 6 inches


  • Weight capacity: 286 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11 x 32 x 6 inches


  • Easy to set up
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to use
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to deflate


  • Can develop leaks
  • The pump is not that durable
  • The paddle is a bit flimsy
  • The paddle does not float
  • Paint comes off
  • Loops can hurt the body


The Zray Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is marketed as a universal paddleboard that you can use for a lot of different purposes. In this way, you can use it for both land and water.

It also has almost everything you need so that you can just whip out the board, inflate it, and you are good to go. It also comes with certain accessories so that you can attach more equipment. This allows you to bring all the things you need while you are on the paddleboard.

It is also easy to take it with you anywhere. In the event that you encounter problems, you can also just contact their customer service. On the downside, there are still slight problems with leaking, and if you are big on aesthetics, the paint of this can fade through time. But in terms of comfortable, this is a paddleboard that will enable you to just sit on it or stand on it by removing its seat.

Comparison with the Atoll Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Let us now compare the Zray Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with the Atoll Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

The one from Atoll has a construction that is very light but still rigid to hold its shape. It is made of PVC that has a dual layer, so it is very durable. It also comes with a pump which has a power of 15 PSI.

There are also bungee cords that can be attached to the front and the back so that you can add a leash or more equipment. There is also a backpack so that you can easily store it away.

What is so unique about it is that it has a paddle that can float and can also be adjusted. There is also a removable fin which can also be beneficial if you are going to use the board for universal purposes.

More than that, it also comes with a leash that is poly flex. This type of leash can really be helpful because it is comfortable on the legs, but it also has a nice pull in order to help with your stability.

Compared to the one from Zray, it does not come with a leash, so the one from Atoll is more convenient. It can also accommodate 300 pounds of weight with a lot of ease. With that said, the board can also hold two people, a pet, or even a cooler.

With all of these in mind, which one is the better paddleboard? Even though the one from Atoll is not really marketed to be a universal board, its features entail that it can be used as one. In that aspect alone, is it better than the one from Zray?


The Zray Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is still the better universal paddle board. Their claim about its universality is true since it has certain features which you can easily adjust to the current water sport that you are going to do. Not only that, it is effortless to set up and extremely comfortable to ride it, as well as remains stable.

On the other hand, you might find yourself getting bruises due to its loops that are not padded. But this can easily be remedied by padding the loops themselves or by just wearing a slip lotion that can help your leg not to get a lot of friction from the loop. With all things considered, this is a great paddleboard to add to your water sports equipment.