STORM Bodyboard PACK by BPS Review

STORM Bodyboard PACK by BPS Review

Looking for a bodyboard for your first bodyboarding adventure? Sounds good. Provided you did thorough research on the sport and about good board options, you should be ready to purchase the best item for you.

If reaping a lot of benefits is what you want, take a look at the STORM Bodyboard PACK by BPS. It might also be the best buy for you if you want more convenience. A family business specializing in water sports gear has produced this item.


  • The pack comes with one bodyboard, two fin savers, and one leash.
  • The pack also includes emailed instructions sent after purchase.
  • It has a light weight.
  • The board has a high-speed slick bottom surface, a crescent tail, an EPS core, and bottom rear channels.


  • The description that comes with it is accurate, which helps the users have a greater understanding of the product.
  • Installation, using, and maintaining the product are easy thanks to the emailed instructions that come with each purchase.
  • It performs well, thanks to its high-speed slick bottom surface, EPS core, crescent tail, and bottom rear channels.
  • The product is very easy to carry and use, given its light weight.
  • It comes in a good size.
  • It is durable and can last long.
  • Its upper surface is smooth.
  • The construction is good.
  • It is a high-quality product.
  • It generally works well.
  • It comes with a great price.


  • The glue tends to come out of seams.


Indeed, the STORM Bodyboard PACK by BPS has a lot to offer. It comes with numerous benefits that encompass various aspects and could truly please its users.

This STORM bodyboard pack aims to educate its users and provide a lot of convenience. To achieve this, it sends instructions via email covering proper installation and handling of the product.

Needless to say, such instructions are of great help to its users. The product also comes with an accurate description that could prevent confusion.

Furthermore, the bodyboard comes in a good size and weight. Behind its light weight is a strong and sturdy item that showcases high quality.

It has a good overall performance, too, because it comes with the materials needed to make it work well.

It is also important to take note that the STORM Bodyboard Pack comes with a good price. This counts as a huge advantage given its high quality and numerous benefits.

Any buyer would want to have a product that showcases good quality, great benefits, and a reasonable price.

However, the product also has its share of disadvantages. Its glue may have the tendency to come out of seams, which could cause inconvenience to its users.

However, you can easily deal with it. The product’s advantages ultimately outweigh this one disadvantage.


With the upsides and lone downside of the STORM Bodyboard pack, can we say that it is worth every buyer’s time, effort, and money? Closely looking at the details discussed above, our answer is yes.

As mentioned earlier, the advantages outweigh its disadvantages, and the latter can be easily dealt with. As a responsible buyer, you just need to do thorough research to fully understand the product and make sure you’re making the right decision.

Benefits of Surf Sports

Bodyboarding is a type of surf sport that has become popular these days. Lots of people try and have fun doing it. More than the fun experienced by surfers, surf sports are also beneficial to one’s mind and body.

Below are some ways in which surf sports enhance your physical and mental health:

They provide a relaxing environment.

As you know, the sea or any body of water relaxes one’s mind, which consequently enhances one’s mental well-being and affects one’s physical health. Going to the sea helps a lot if you want to de-stress and take away all the negative thoughts created by your busy days in the city that could cause various forms of sickness.

They relax the body as well.

Merely walking barefoot on the sand gives a good massage on the arch of one’s foot. Similarly, the flow of waves has a massaging effect on the body.

They provide a good source of exercise without stressing the body.

While surf sports require plenty of body movement, they don’t put stress on your body the way land exercises do. The water waves make it easier for you to move.

Bodyboarding tones the lower limbs.

Bodyboarding requires you to kick to get over the small waves while your upper body rests on the board. Doing so helps tone the buttocks, legs, back, abdominal muscles, and shoulder muscles. This sport is safe to practice, so you can easily learn how to do it.

Surfing is a good workout for the entire body.

Compared to bodyboarding, surfing is a little more demanding. It requires you to paddle to get over the waves, and doing so is a good workout for the arms, chest, and upper body.

Also, the standing position helps tone the leg muscles.

With all the benefits discussed above, we can say that surf sports are indeed worth trying.