Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core Review

Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight

Bodyboards are mainly used for surfing the waves. It’s one way to get your kicks in at the beach while getting that much-needed exercise.

Bodyboards come in many different styles, shape and sizes, each with their own unique features that affect how you surf. Let’s have a closer look at The Bo-Toys Body Board is a .33″ board.

Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core Review 1



Move the Bo-Toys Body Board with ease from your house to your vehicle and down the nearest surf location. It’s one of the lightest boards you can find in the market, which makes it the ideal body board for beginners and children alike. The stylish, compact design is a huge plus as it allows you to fit the body board in small spaces when it’s not being used.

Durable Construction

HDPE, or high density polyethylene material is incorporated at the bottom of the body board, which makes for a slicker ride with the crescent tail and channels. The heat lamination technology used in the creation of the Bo Toys boogie board makes it sturdier and made of more durable construction as compared to other brands. A reliable EPS, or expanded polystyrene core is added for premium heft in a quality body board like no other.

Extremely Wave Resistant

You can ride all kinds of waves with the Bo Toys Lightweight Board, thanks to the 60/40 rails. The special design makes the boogie board all the more maneuverable and stable for the surfer; you’ll still be able to execute all your favorite moves when you’re out on the water. There will be less instances of occurrences where the board will just fly out from under the user’s feet. The stability the board provides lessens the chances of unpredictable events, even if the weather and the wave conditions are proving to be a hassle.

Increased Speed

Performance is assured even at high surfing speeds. The 60-40 rails concept is a proven feature that allows the surfer to control the board with confidence and still be able to execute turns at all speeds. The unparalleled maneuverability increases surfing safety. You can be sure that your body board won’t crash into another swimmer or surfer as you can change trajectory on the fly.

Stylish Design

The Bo-Toys .33″ EPS Core Body Board comes in either blue, red or pink. All the colors are bright and easy on the eyes. The aesthetic board design is unique to the Bo Toys brand; there’s a color and design for all surfers!

The main board design is a dominant forest green with splashes of blue found at the bottom left-hand side. You can choose 3 more color variations- one has ocean blue as the primary and green as the splash design; one has hot pink as the primary and green as the splash design; and the third one has firetruck red as the primary and white as the splash design.

Ready To Use

The Bo Toys Boogie Board is fully assembled and ready for use the moment you buy it. Get endless hours of fun at the waterpark, the beach and rivers. You get a wristband attached to a Pro Quality leash so as not to lose your board. The best straps are those that can be destroyed in case of emergencies in order to prevent further mishaps from happening.

Total Assurance

All Bo-Toys products come with a total assurance guarantee. If for some reason you’re having a problem with the body board, you can contact Bo-Toys customer service and get the help you need to fix the issue on hand. Faulty boards will get replaced immediately.


  • A wide variety of vibrant colors you can choose from.
  • Lightweight, portable and applicable for almost all outdoor water activities.
  • The length is just right for most people.


  • The bright colors might put off male surfers.

Bottom line

The best body board for you is the one that fits your weight, your height and your surfing experience. For beginners, a body board that reaches up to your belly button is the best board to buy. If your board is too tall, you run the risk of having a boogie board that’s hard to control and one that creates a bit of a drag. The shape, the design and the material are some of the most important features you have to consider when looking for the best body board available.